Alastair Clark Photography, projecting your image.

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I offer high quality personalised photography to support planning applications, selling or  letting property and advertising holiday accommodation.


Photographs can be for all types of media - print, web, social media, mobile apps. Producing high quality photography which is suitable for the requirements of planning applications requires certain standards.

Photography for selling or letting a property (whether for holiday accommodation or full time occupancy) is of course not governed by any  legislation but don’t sell yourself short. You are advertising quality – use  the best available to help you. It is very easy to quickly take a snap of a room interior or landscape and post it up on your website or Facebook page. But  ask yourself – is it really the best. Is this interior what potential clients are looking for or is it just  another landscape photo which doesn’t really show off your best features - or worse, frankly looks awful.


Interior, exterior or landscape photography – the web is awash with images.

Ensure you project a professional image. 


The pictures on this site have been chosen to illustrate and expand on the text. In most instances they do not reflect the actual quality which you will receive. In part this simply to speed up your browsing, but it is also due to size constraints imposed by website provider. Pictures on my other website are a better representation of the quality which I offer. 

My (very) brief biography: 

I run a small family business based in southwest Scotland. My first proper camera was a Brownie 127 (still got it!) and I have been taking photos ever since.

I worked for 20 years for an organization providing outdoor leisure and field studies in Scotland, ultimately as Operations Director and I bring that experience to bear in my photography relating to accommodation.

I then worked for Scottish Natural Heritage where among other responsibilities I prepared SNH responses to a great variety of planning applications. This experience guides my planning related photography.