But I can take these pictures for free with my camera phone!

Small cameras and camera phones are useful tools capable of taking surprisingly good quality pictures. However it is recognised that they do not and cannot provide the quality and versatility of photos taken with full frame SLRs.


For example:

Planning applications should consist of evidence and facts which will give planning staff the best information and which is capable of withstanding comment and criticism from objectors.

Planners may insist on full frame photos as some industry guidance is based the then use of 35mm film cameras. Therefore for planning work I always use my full frame Nikon D800 – and usually for everything else as well. In order to best mimic what the human eye sees the camera must be used in conjunction with a 50mm lens.


For other uses: - advertising, web pages, the producion of work which will print succesfully - all require high quality lenses - the higher quality the lens used and the quality of photo produced can, quite simply, be what sets your property apart from the others. Also printers prefer to work wth certain formats and minimum file sizes which camera phones and smaller cameras cannot achieve.