In this option (available for both commissioned and non commissioned work) you choose to not only display a picture but also to advertise a print of it for sale. Your guest simply contacts you with their needs and payment and you pass their details on to me. I arrange to print and despatch the chosen picture. As an example Mr & Mrs Guest choose to order an 16 inch by 9 inch panoramic print. They pay a total of £40 for the print. You retain 40%. and the balance is payable to me to cover print costs and postage. If you choose this option I will supply you with information to include in your welcome or information pack.



Actual costs will of course depend on what size, format and finish your guest opts for. However you always retain 40% of the print price. Within a season you may not only recoup the cost of the picture hanging on your wall but also add to your income. You will also have a client with a reminder of their visit to you hanging on their wall.