Holiday accommodation interior, exterior and landscapes photography.

-projecting your image.


I provide high quality, full frame photos which you can use in your adverts. Or you may be looking for photos of a size and composition suitable for your website, or mini video, a slideshow, perhaps a flash video.


Interior, exterior, landscapes, panoramic photography - please call me to discuss your needs. Naturally this will be given on a no committment basis.


All photos will be provided on CD only. Low resolution proofs can be made available online using a secure website.


Framed or mounted prints for your walls. You can opt for a once only purchase, or a BuySell option.




Potential clients will use these photos to explore your property. I can provide photos of your guest house, hotel or house, but I can also provide location photos to give your
potential guests an idea of the surrounding area. Remember potential clients are not just interested in local landscape pictures. They will also want to see interior and exterior photographs. These can be from stock or specifically shot to your requirements. With so many people now undertaking nature based or focussed holidays don’t forget to advertise your local flora and fauna.


• I offer a discrete, tailored service. Any contract is between you (or your agent) and me. I will not discuss your requirements with anyone else or  use your photos to advertise my business.




•I undertake commissions on behalf of letting agencies. Please call me to discuss your requirements. I offer a discrete, tailored, service. Any contract is between you, your client and me. I will not discuss your requirements with anyone else or use your photos to advertise my business.



•Please visit to see other examples of my work.


•I charge a reasonable fee based on an hourly rate.


Panoramic photography:


Panoramas can be very useful in showing your location to its best advantage. Choose from the following options.


•Panoramic view of the property.


•Panoramic view to the property.


•Panoramic view within the property i.e. of a room interior.


•All panoramas are taken using a tripod mounted panoramic head on and will consist of between 3 and 30+ photos stitched together using specialist software.



Video clip:


•An alternative to the panorama is to use a short video instead - useful where you want to highlight a moving feature e.g. flowers in the wind, a nearby beach.